A Stylish NY Bachelor Pad for Two Brothers

A Stylish NY Bachelor Pad for Two Brothers

A Stylish NY Bachelor Pad for Two Brothers


Eamonn and Dylan Best

For two absolutely stylish brothers (one works for a fashion label and the other for a music label), Homepolish's Michelle Zacks created a bachelor pad that measures up to their cool factor.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

For an interior designer, it was like love at first sight, or having lightning strike twice. As Homepolish’s Michelle Zacks describes walking in on this project for the first time, she says, “It’s not every day you walk into a design consultation only to be met by two very stylish brothers re-modeling an apartment that quite obviously has great character and bones! Even though they were in the midst of a renovation and everything was covered in dust and plastic, I could see the apartment had stunning high-vaulted ceilings with beautiful brick work and large windows.” It was the in-progress bachelor pad of Australian expats Eamonn and Dylan Best. Sounds like a space absolutely full of potential.


Elemental Layers Coffee Table

Design Within Reach

Jens Chair

West Elm

Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug

price on request

Now, when Michelle calls these gentlemen stylish, she isn’t messing around. Dylan works as a men’s clothing designer for Club Monaco, and Eamonn works for a music label… aka these guys are definitely in Manhattan’s creative elite. As is fitting for their background, the apartment itself had previously been an art gallery, with high vaulted ceilings, exposed brick and beams, and large windows. The brothers knew right off the bat what they wanted: clean lines, classics with a twist, and greenery to warm up the space. An overall tone of minimalism would allow the foundation of the home to shine.

West Elm

Modern Bed with Linen Weave

starting at $1,099.00

Proof Nightstand


End Line Rug


Before even sourcing any furniture, Michelle worked on lightening up the whole space. The windows might be large, but natural light wasn’t being reflected throughout the home. To achieve this, she resurfaced the dark mahogany kitchen cabinetry in white. Dark floors were sanded down to their original light tone and polished with a matte finish. For a little extra help in lightening things up, Michelle updated all of the light fixtures. Luckily, the walls were already gallery white.

Eamonn and Dylan only had a sectional sofa from Room & Board and two barstools to their names when it came to furniture. Furnishings were kept simple, usually veering toward the grayscale on color and clean lines. Their personality shines through with accessories. Eamonn’s guitars hang in one corner of the home, and as for the artwork? Some of it was chosen from Tappan Collective, but many of the pieces are by Dylan himself!

See even more in the slideshow!


  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi AJ,

    Each supercool sconce is a Bracket Sconce from Horne; check out the link below!


  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Ryan,

    Unfortunately this awesome console is a built-in feature of the apartment that the designer decided to resurface and make white. Sorry about that!

  • Bridie

    Where can I get the dog that was in the Instagram story that was linked to this article?

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      If only we knew! *single tear*

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately we do not have the sourcing information on the nightstand – it’s possible the client had this piece prior to the redesign! Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

  • KC

    Hi! Can you advise which exact model/make Room & Board sectional this is? And what color grey? LOVE. Thank you! http://www.roomandboard.com/catalog/living/sectionals

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi KC,

      Unfortunately we don’t have the exact sourcing info on this piece, as it was owned by the client prior to the redesign. That said, it looks similar to Easton Sofas with Chaise in Dawson Grey. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi William,

    We’re glad to hear you liked the project – we did too! Unfortunately we don’t have the exact sourcing info on this piece as it was purchased at a gallery prior to redesign, but we know it’s an aboriginal work. The clients got a lot of their other art from the site below.