A Stylish Home Office for Liliana Vasquez

A Stylish Home Office for Liliana Vasquez

A Stylish Home Office for Liliana Vasquez


Lilianna Vasquez, style expert, TV personality and author


Liliana's new office matches her stylish and professional personality. Gold, corals and her fashion inspirations decorate the sunny space, showcasing her cheerful disposition and aesthetics-driven lifestyle.

Photographs by Emily Sidoti

If your work habits are anything like ours then you spend a lot of time looking a screen. Whether you’re actually working or actually looking at Instagram, we all spend a lot of time straining our poor overworked eyeballs. Considered interior design can help in a multitude of ways including increased eye relief! With our friends at LensCrafters we’ve designed three offices of three inspirational women with eyeball health in mind! Think about the 20/20/20 rule next time your eyelid starts twitching: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. It allows your eyes to readjust, focus, and improves your eye health. We have suggestions for what to look at… Read on!

Maybe you recognize Liliana Vasquez? She’s a host on NBC New York’s “New York LIVE,” a style commentator and author of “The Cheap Chicas Guide To Style.” She’s a busy woman! We’re sure you’ve seen her at least a few times before but have you seen where she works? When she isn’t on TV, Liliana works from her sunny home office in Chelsea. It was in need of a revamp, and this LensCrafters x Homepolish opportunity came at the perfect time. Click through the slideshow to see how her designer Matthew revamped the space to match her stylish, hardworking personality!

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