A Spanish Revival Bathroom in LA

A Spanish Revival Bathroom in LA

A Spanish Revival Bathroom in LA


James Ehlers, TV producer


During the day, TV producer James Ehlers deals in the modern world of reality TV, but in the evenings, a Spanish Revival bathroom by Homepolish takes him back in time.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Wheeling and dealing in the fast-paced world of TV production (think top shows such as The Voice and America’s Best Dance Crew), James Ehlers deserved a place where he could come home and completely unwind. Having purchased a 1928 Spanish Revival home that had been virtually untouched since its construction, it was his place to step out of the modern world. Homepolish’s Katherine Carter arrived at the old-style hacienda to bring in even more luxury.

Building out 300 square feet, the two added on a master suite, complete with a bathroom that was carefully researched. True to style and history, they brought in beautifully stained wooden cabinetry and accent pieces. The hexagonal tiling was custom designed, right down to the color. And that shower? Perfect for practicing his singing voice, just in case James ever decides to switch over from producer to contestant.


I was looking to find a happy medium between restoring an old home while making it look and feel updated.

- James E., TV producer
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