A Soup-to-Nuts Reno in Silver Lake

A Soup-to-Nuts Reno in Silver Lake

A Soup-to-Nuts Reno in Silver Lake




A stunning before/after story to say the least! From a 1920s bungalow that had seen several disjointed renovations, Homepolish designer Stefani Stein was able to create a youthful take on the traditional home.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Have you ever had a passion project? It’s that thing that you spend your nights and weekends on… you get home from work, and yet you continue working on some other activity, whether it’s cooking, photography, or exotic salsa dancing. Well, Homepolish’s Stefani Stein must have a lot of passion. While working full-time for a Los Angeles design firm, she took on her first-ever solo design project: a soup-to-nuts, top-to-bottom renovation of a Silver Lake home.


The original construction was a 1920s bungalow, traditional A-frame in tact. Of course, over the century, bits and pieces were added on as it went through, not one, but two renovations, one in the 60s with another following in the 80s. Each area was completely disjointed with different ceiling heights, varying windows, and a smattering of mismatched finishes. Even the color scheme was confusing from random patches of pink carpeting and a robin’s egg blue bathroom.


Stefani mastered a plan that brought the home a youthful and modern look without destroying the traditional bones of the 1,600 square-foot space. The whole home received a fresh coat of clean, bright white paint. Materials went completely natural, whether it was concrete tile (in a mod hexagon shape) in the kitchen, ceramic subway tiles, or limed oak. Her engineer was invaluable as they vaulted the living room ceiling and replaced all the windows. They even managed to relocate the kitchen and add a third bedroom. After 1.5 years, her passion paid off in an immaculate space.

See the before and afters in the slideshow.

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