A Sleek Renovation for a Pasadena Home

A Sleek Renovation for a Pasadena Home

A Sleek Renovation for a Pasadena Home


Cynthia and Trevor D'Souza


What started as a simple kitchen accessories project turned into a full kitchen and bathroom renovation by Homepolish designer Alyssa Alon.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Talking to us about one of her recent projects, Homepolish’s Alyssa Alon sounds like a design mastermind: “Originally Cynthia and Trevor just wanted help selecting a new sink and a few items in the kitchen… which turned into an entire construction project after I came in.” Funny how that can happen sometimes, right? You decide one day, “Hey, my kitchen could use a little sprucing up,” and before you know it, you have construction crews tearing out your floors and resurfacing your bathrooms.

The D’Souzas know the feeling all too well. They had lived in their Pasadena home for over ten years, and they initially called in Alyssa for a light revamp. When she introduced the idea of a full renovation (to include wall removals and flooring overhauls), they were very hesitant to take the plunge. With Alyssa leading the way though, they were able to ease into the idea.

As with any major home project, the heavy work came first. The dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room came out and the tiny walk-in closet in the hallway was demolished to make more room for the walkway. The floors throughout the home were torn out and replaced with a modern, light hardwood. Well, with the exception of the bathrooms, which either received marble tilework or Moroccan cement tiles. Walls were covered in varying shades of white.

Once the foundation was laid, they finally returned to the original design work: accessorizing. New lighting was brought in brass or black. And Alyssa’s personal favorite part? The little breakfast nook where you can sit and admire all the work that was done.

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Alyssa is a focused, very creative, and excellent interior designer. She made us an open space with our bright and beautiful new kitchen & bathrooms.

- Cynthia D'Souza, Homepolish client


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