A Sleek, Glamorous West Village Reno

A Sleek, Glamorous West Village Reno

A Sleek, Glamorous West Village Reno


Under the expert eye of Homepolish's Becky Shea, a New York apartment that was originally a printing house gave way to a striking residential space.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Looking up the address of a recent Homepolish project by our own Becky Shea, you’ll find the history of the “Harbor House,” a structure built at the turn of the century in 1898. As with many romantic New York spaces, it was not constructed as residences, but originally intended as a printing house and paper storehouse, remnants of the West Village’s artistic past. It wasn’t until the 1970s that it was converted into apartments.

Heather and her husband moved in long after all of this, in the summer of 2014. While Becky jumped at the chance to renovate their 2-bedroom apartment (who wouldn’t?!), it did present a conundrum that we sometimes run into with interior design: how do you bring in new design without destroying the past?

Without a doubt, looking around the finished space, you will immediately pick up on the Heather’s clean and minimalist aesthetic. White is the prevailing color whether it’s the surfacing of the kitchen cabinets or the astounding amount of luxurious Carrara marble. As Becky says, the home is absolutely “drenched in marble.” Finishes and accessories, and even appliances, come in a sleek stainless steel or the occasional brass. Timeless design classics are right at home, too. We’re looking at you, Eames lounger.

But you can hardly call the space predictable, thanks to several glamorous accents. In the living room, nods to millennial pink and sheepskin pop up. And that’s not the only place luxurious furs show up, from benches below a reading nook, to the bathroom ottoman, and pieces in the master bedroom. And can we take a moment for that striking Rorschach-esque Alexander McQueen runner in the entryway stairs? We have arrived.

But wait! You might be saying… where are those historic elements we needed to preserve? All you have to do is look up and look down. The ceiling is still the original painted tin. V New York, if we say so ourselves. And the floor? Original maplewood. If you look really close, you’ll notice old markings from the barrels they were reclaimed from.

Oh, one more thing that’s new… the couple just had their first baby girl Louisa. Just like the home, her nursery is a mix of old and new from the vintage Eames rocker to the hot pink acrylic Philippe Starck mirrors.

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Becky was awesome to work with, because she was always on site to make sure that everything was running smoothly with the renovations. She also spent a lot of time picking potential pieces based on what we wanted. Admittedly, she did most of the work, but I still felt like I was picking everything out myself.

- Heather, Homepolish client



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