A Makeover for a Fashion Designer’s Studio

A Makeover for a Fashion Designer’s Studio

A Makeover for a Fashion Designer’s Studio


Julianna Bass, designer and owner of fashion line Julianna Bass


For a fashion designer who recently moved from Berlin to Brooklyn, Homepolish's Emma Beryl took a studio space from post-move-in disarray to oasis.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Designers know that sometimes the best aesthetic work comes through collaboration. For Julianna Bass, who founded her own eponymous fashion line in 2015, this truth is front and center in her apartment. Having lived in Berlin for several years, she moved back to New York, settling in Williamsburg’s newly repurposed Domino Sugar factory. With the new address, she went to dig all of her left-behind possessions out of storage, thinking that it would be exciting and invigorating to rearrange her old belongings in her new studio. Instead she found herself lost among boxes, and she felt as if she didn’t even identify with many of the pieces. Since she leads a hectic work life (she basically works 23 hours a day, “like a proper New Yorker.”), she needed to bring in another designer to help her with the process.


In struts Homepolish’s Emma Beryl. Finding Julianna among the boxes and drowning in interiors image tears, she came to make sense of the studio space with her design expertise. In Emma’s words, they dove right in and took the “divide-and-conquer approach,” first figuring out the optimal layout and designating distinct sleeping and living zones (no easy task in a NY studio). Tucking away the bed in the corner allowed them to maximize entertainment space.

Once they nailed down the layout, they immediately moved to furniture sourcing, sticking with smaller scale pieces to maintain the airy feel of the loft. Since Julianna is a designer herself, she was not opposed to bold accents such as a teal sofa and orange dhurrie accent chair. Among other eclectic choices, the gallery wall displays works from artists Eugenia Loli, Marco Meiran, Brandt Parker, and Dean Zeus Colman. It only makes sense that her tastes would have a wide range. She even lists her obsessions as Haribo, Kanye West, and vintage millinery techniques (in that order). The studio encompasses so much, and yet, it’s never overwhelming, a perfect respite for a busy designer.

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I had so many ideas for my new apartment, but the looming boxes were daunting, and I knew that I needed another creative eye to help me cohesively mesh the old with the new. Emma really got my vision and treated the project like a creative collaboration. Her suggestions were effortless and that is exactly what I needed!

- Julianna Bass, fashion designer
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