A Makeover for a Brooklyn Apartment

A Makeover for a Brooklyn Apartment

A Makeover for a Brooklyn Apartment


Garrett Munce and Adam Rathe, magazine editors


After a couple had some minor renovations in their Brooklyn apartment, they called in Homepolish's Ariel Farmer to complete the finishing touches from small pieces of furniture to a large wall gallery.

Photos by Nick Glimenakis.

What a difference a day makes! When it came to the case of Garrett Munce and Adam Rathe, both magazine editors residing in Brooklyn, they had finished the major apartment headaches of move-in and minor renovations, such as built-in shelving units and a fireplace. They had overseen both by themselves, and yet, after living in the space for a year, the 1-bedroom apartment still didn’t feel quite like home.


Garrett works in fashion coverage and Adam is in culture, so when it came to style and vision, they had it covered. The foundation was in place, but they weren’t quite sure how to get the finishing touches just right. Homepolish’s Ariel Farmer came in for a consultation, and they knew right away she was just what they needed.


On the actual day of the installation, Ariel came prepared with a handyman to expedite the work. Since the two have an amazing collection of art and ‘objets de curiosites,” she knew that a wall gallery would be in their future. Laying everything out on the floor, she put together a mixed media wonder, full of everything from serene pastoral scenes to edgy black and white photography. Next came small items of furniture, such as proper nightstands paired with industrial brass sconces, and some minor furniture rearrangements. On Ariel’s recommendation, Garrett and Adam also amassed a small urban garden… they’re now so attached to their collection of plants that they’ve named each of them.

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At the end of the day, I think Garrett, Adam, and I were all able to step back and admire the transformation from ‘new apartment’ to ‘home sweet home.’ There is really no better way to make that leap than by surrounding yourself with the things and people (and pets) you love.

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