A Simple and Sophisticated LA Home

A Simple and Sophisticated LA Home

A Simple and Sophisticated LA Home


Jesse Liu, PR associate, and her husband


It's always a joy to collaborate with an interior design enthusiast, so when Homepolish's Charity Hunter worked on a fan's condo, the process was a breeze.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

When first talking to our designer Charity Hunter about her recent client, Jessie Liu, she immediately starts gushing, “Jessie is an interior design enthusiast. She loves design, and she was so great to work with because she gets the whole picture. There’s something amazing that happens when a client understands the designer’s vision. She grasped how it would all work together, making the process really fun.” Even as a child, Jessie considered becoming an interior designer, but when it came to her new condo in Los Angeles, she decided that it would be best to call in the pros.


The main snag? All work, from minor renovations to finishing touches, had to be completed in the span of only 1 month. Charity was so happy to be paired with the design-savvy Jessie. “I had to make a lot of selections online and trust Jessie to make purchases. She did great and bought a lot of pieces on her own. She was adept at making design decisions, with me curating.”

They were lucky to be working in a California home full of light and graced with tall ceilings. Since Jessie cited Emily Henderson as one of her favorite design blogs, Charity drew upon a palette of blues, whites, and brass. Most walls were white-washed. The bathrooms and kitchens received a stunning subway tile treatment. And can we take a moment to talk about the dining room light fixture? Simply stunning.


I’ve lived in my space for less than a year. I dreamt of becoming an interior designer when I was a little girl, so I was always looking forward to working with a designer for my own home some day.

- Jessie Liu, PR associate
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