A Serene, Residential Look for a Hollywood Office

A Serene, Residential Look for a Hollywood Office

A Serene, Residential Look for a Hollywood Office


Bree Callaham, therapist


For therapist Bree Callaham, her clients come first. Homepolish's Erin Kane helped her bring residential serenity to her office to put everyone at ease from the moment they walk in the door.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

When it comes to design, Bree Callaham may be unlike any Homepolish client we’ve ever seen. Instead of striving to express herself and make her space perfect for her needs, she had a very different object in mind: her clients. You see, Bree is a premiere therapist in Hollywood, and as such, it was essential that her office was a place where her clients’ needs and best interests were met.


Homepolish’s Erin Kane, who happens to know a thing or two about designing comfortable offices, came into the blank slate of an office, and together the two reordered it to be a respite. Looking through the space on first glance, you might even think that it’s someone’s airy and contemporary home. But how do you make a white box office feel warm?

The experience begins in reception, with a big sofa and midcentury modern leather and wood armchairs. Subtle greenery is layered throughout the space, and a photo of a winding forest road almost acts as a window onto another world. This was a conscious choice by Bree, who notes “naturally when you think of creating a restorative environment, you want to incorporate nature.” In the main office, dark navy grasscloth envelopes you and sunlight streams in through beautifully translucent curtains. In fact, you’d hardly know it was Bree’s office since the custom desk disguises itself as a credenza when clients are in session. The only loud moment is the fun bathroom wallpaper… but hey, everyone loves a little quirk to them.


Having waited for years for a space of my own to decorate, I wanted it to feel just right. Erin went above and beyond to help me do just that–from designing custom furniture to scouring for the last few rolls of the perfect wallpaper to bringing it all together, from big pieces like the couches to finishing touches like vases and bookends. I’m so happy with how it turned out–an elegant, calming place for healing in the middle of one of the busiest parts of the city.

- Bree Callaham, therapist
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