A Serene California Cottage in Studio City

A Serene California Cottage in Studio City

A Serene California Cottage in Studio City


Nikki, human factors specialist, and Scott Clifton, actor on The Bold and the Beautiful


For a wild, fun-loving couple in Los Angeles, a newborn cued the need to put down roots. Homepolish's Alice Cheng came to mediate the couple's tastes and combine their eclectic mix of old and new furniture.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Talking with Nikki and Scott Clifton will probably yield one of the most hilarious conversations you’ll have when it comes to home remodels. Nikki is a human factors specialist (which she describes as complicated and defers to Google), and Scott is a featured actor on CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful. The two led that Los Angeles life of late-night parties, jetting around the globe, and binging on television in the company of their four cats (As Nikki says, “We know, we know… we’re those people.”) But with the arrival of their newborn son, Ford, their lifestyle took a sharp turn. Late-night partying was swapped out for late-night shifts feeding, changing, and caring for the little guy. And most importantly, teaching him how to gently pet cats. The new baby also triggered the shift from being serial renters to being homeowners of a ranch-style property in Studio City.


Spending the first six months remodeling, the couple then decided that it was time to bring in a designer. Or as they say, they didn’t need a designer as much as a therapist… someone to mediate the design debates between the two. (Nikki butts in to note that she’s always right, of course.) Homepolish designer Alice Cheng came to the home, and she immediately noticed the gorgeous surroundings. The home is nestled on the side of a green hill, and the goal was to bring the serene outdoors to the interiors.

The couple already had several well-loved flea market finds, and Alice helped them curate additional vintage pieces, many of which became focal points for the home. Modern additions from sculptural lighting, angular bookshelves, and a Saarinen dining table balanced out the old. And necessarily, there had to be some quirk. An iron pot bought from a shoe department display sits in the living room, and pieces from their travels are sprinkled throughout. Best of all, it’s all child-proof… not to mention, cat-proof.

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Wrapping up the Homepolish process was like going through withdrawals. Alice was everything we wanted as our ideal designer, and after months of working so closely, we see her as a friend as well. Throughout the project, we’d find ourselves texting at 3 in the morning.

- Nikki Clifton, Homepolish client
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