A Serene Boston Bachelor Pad

A Serene Boston Bachelor Pad

A Serene Boston Bachelor Pad


Joel Salinas, neurologist


For a busy neurologist with a unique connection to space, Homepolish's Barbara Vail completely outfitted an apartment that will impart peace of mind.

Photos by Joyelle West.

Homepolish has always touted the idea that your home should be a reflection of you, that you should have a very personal connection to your space. But no client has ever embodied that idea more thoroughly than one of our recent Boston clients, bachelor Joel Salinas. Joel has a unique form of synesthesia which literally intensifies his connection to a physical space, and the interior design of his home has a holistic impact on him both physically and emotionally.


Add to that a busy work-life integration (as Joel prefers to call it) of a neurologist who can spend hours and hours away from his home, and it was wholly necessary to create a space where he could breathe, decompress, and find peace of mind. Homepolish’s Barbara Vail came into the apartment with a mindset borrowed from famous Arts and Crafts designer William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”


But where to start? As a bachelor moving into a new space, the apartment was completely bare, and it was up to Barbara to bring in everything from foundational pieces down to the minute details like silverware. In keeping with the zen vibe, large pieces like the sofa and bed are neutral and blend into the space. Just as Joel’s work is integrated with his life, natural elements were integrated into the apartment. There are the obvious outdoor elements such as trees and greenery, but furnishings also reflect this idea. The coffee table, a custom live-edge willow construction by a Boston woodworker, looks like it quite literally grew into place, and the nightstands in the bedroom are sculpted teak. Noticeably, there’s also no TV. A intricately carved wooden triptych hangs in its stead.


I really wanted to build a new home for myself, a nest so to speak. I’ve been in a bit of what feels like a ‘graduate student’ kind of mindset for so long and creating a space with Homepolish seemed like a great opportunity to evolve from ‘graduate student’ to finally ‘adulting.’ I love the simplicity of the design, evoking a sense of peace while also leaving plenty of mental runway to think and create.

- Joel Salinas, neurologist
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