A Seattle Designer’s Cozy Home

A Seattle Designer’s Cozy Home

A Seattle Designer’s Cozy Home


Sara K, Homepolish Designer


"We moved in a year ago and the house was completely empty, so we were starting with a totally blank slate. This can feel overwhelming but is also very liberating."

Photographs by Dorothee Brand.

All we want to do is open the door to this home, light a fire and curl up on the couch until the moon comes up.Then we’ll put our slippers on, walk into the bedroom and snuggle into the pillows and under that incredible quilt. Basically, our designer Sara’s home is the adult version of Winnie the Pooh’s tree house: cozy, inviting and perfect in a wash of muted pastels. We’re obsessed. And on top of ALL THAT, Sara’s fiance is a chef at Sitka & Spruce. So not only does their home look amazing, it is also full of delicious food all the time. Cool. No big deal. Tour her space and revel in the beauty that is this insane Seattle home full of dream antiques and supreme details. Also, Sara’s home design tips are in the captions!

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