A Retro Crown Jewel of an Apartment Brooklyn

A Retro Crown Jewel of an Apartment Brooklyn

A Retro Crown Jewel of an Apartment Brooklyn


After working together on her client's dental office, designer Elisa Shankle brings a jewel-toned color palette and bold retro touches to this Brooklyn apartment.

Photos by Camille Shaw

Homepolish designer Elisa Shankle helped a repeat client create an edgy and airy loft, filled with sculptural lighting and bold hues. We asked her how it came together. 

Tell us about your client. What was she looking for?
The first project I worked on for Jen was her pediatric dentist office, and she then hired me to work on her home. Much like her office, she wanted to create a clean, sophisticated space with an eclectic twist.

It started out as a working relationship, and we quickly became friends and co-collaborators. Jen has great taste, so it was a seamless process to push her to be creative—she likes to take risks.

Her apartment is modern eclectic with bold pops of color and funky accents. Jen likes clean lines with a fresh and fun edge.

This space is full of bold touches. How did you make sure all these bold pieces hung together?
The key to creating an eclectic style that is not too overwhelming is having a neutral backdrop. Then the accents accentuate the space.

What was the inspiration for this home?
It’s a little retro with ’70s accents. It was cool—some of the artwork was from family members, so we were able to incorporate that swag in with the design. The deep jewel tones definitely have a bit of the ’70s vibes, with lush mohair fabrics and the patterned living room pillows. I wanted to bring in a bit of a retro edge to give the space some warmth and funky vibes.

The space also really leans into the loft setting. How did you balance that in your design?
I was mindful of bringing in tones that would make it feel warmer because of concrete raw space. I wanted to make sure it still felt cozy.

There are so many great lighting fixtures in this space. Walk me through some of the pieces you’ve included?
Rich Brilliant Willing is always a go-to for me because of their clean shapes and bold colors. We used their pendants both in the bedroom, as well as over the dining table. I also sourced the awesome floor lamp from Roche Bobois and it basically lives also as a sculpture, which is what we were going for.

We also love the jewel-toned color palette. How did you end up there?
The Knoll fabric designed by Dorothy Cosonas was our inspo for the color palette, along with the client’s art collection.

What are your favorite parts of the redesign?
I love the accents, so the lighting, custom fabrics we chose for cushions and pillows, as well as how the art tied in with everything.

This was the definitely first color palette I have used within this scheme, so it was fun to be more daring as we combined colors and textures.

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