A Relaxed, Contemporary Family Home in Brooklyn

A Relaxed, Contemporary Family Home in Brooklyn

A Relaxed, Contemporary Family Home in Brooklyn


Katherine and Simon


With a hectic family life, it can be hard to find the time to design a comfortable home. Homepolish's Marissa Bero took the headache out of the process for a family in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had this happen to you… You’re in the middle of a business meeting when suddenly out of absolutely nowhere, a tiny 3-year-old child comes streaking through the room covered in paint. Buck naked. Most of you are probably sporting a blank look on your face at this point. But for a personal interior designer, it might not be too far out of the ordinary. Specifically for Homepolish’s Marissa Bero.


You see, she recently worked with Katherine and Simon, a couple who recently moved to Prospect Heights with their little girl Francis. Katherine had always meant to find the time to design a proper “family home,” but between work as a therapist and raising a rambunctious ragamuffin, she decided it would be best to hire someone to help with the process. On the initial consultation, Marissa and Katherine talked about design goals as she hosed down little Frances in the tub. For both of them, this was when the “sparks flew.” They felt comfortable just being themselves.


It was that same level of comfort they wished to impart to the home. The couple has a penchant for vintage midcentury furniture, but that modern aesthetic is balanced with tons of color and quirky art pieces. And as with many design projects, this one snowballed. Originally, the team tackled the kitchen, but this led to the living/dining area and the entryway. When a sudden leak sprung in the bathroom, that was added at the end of the project. And as for little Frances? Her nursery got an update with a Danish wood crib.

The only sad part? The family found out soon after the work was completed that they had to relocate to Columbus, Ohio. But Katherine assured us that Marissa taught her design knowledge that she’ll keep with the family wherever they go.


Marissa was amazing. She was able to articulate my style so elegantly through words and mood boards. I feel like we reclaimed our home. I’m just sad we’re moving and I can’t hang out with her more.

- Katherine, Homepolish client