A Relaxed and Eclectic Apartment in Boston

A Relaxed and Eclectic Apartment in Boston

A Relaxed and Eclectic Apartment in Boston


Victoria Lowe


For a world traveller who has settled in Boston, Homepolish's Barbara Vail designed an eclectic hodgepodge, beautiful in its asymmetry and disorder.

Photos by Joyelle West.

“The world is full of asymmetries; it’s a messy and beautiful place.” Within the first few moments speaking about Victoria Lowe’s 2-bedroom apartment in Boston, Homepolish designer Barbara Vail had become a mini philosopher. I guess you could say that the client impacted her view. Victoria was a world traveler, having journeyed around the globe due to her passion for mother-infant health. But even the most nomadic of travelers need a home base.


Finding a bare apartment, Victoria knew that she needed to fill up the space with her eclectic collections of art and photography. Working together with Barbara, each space became its own unique oasis, dotted with images from past travels or even family heirlooms. For example, the dining room evokes a Parisian cafe with the ornate, Provencal-style table, while the guest bedroom has a California vibe with white-washed linens and industrial lighting.


However, with this mixture of styles and accessories, the home doesn’t seem cluttered or busy. In fact, the designer-client team saved certain walls and areas to remain starkly empty. Barbara notes that this is a strange choice from a design standpoint, but Victoria insisted on asymmetries, which reflect nature’s off-balanced character. It’s all about highs and lows, ups and downs.

Click through the gallery to see more of the meaningful elements of Victoria’s home.


Barbara intuitively understood what I needed my home to be, and helped me narrow the universe of choices in order to create a peaceful haven and sanctuary that gives me immense pleasure. I never could have done this on my own, and am so grateful to have had the chance to work with her.

- Victoria Lowe
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