A Regal & Modern Midtown Apartment

A Regal & Modern Midtown Apartment

A Regal & Modern Midtown Apartment




In the bustling Columbus Circle area of Manhattan, Homepolish's Matthew Cane brought in luxurious furnishings and colors to complete a couple's need for urban chic... but then they had surprise news: TWINS!

Photos by Morgan Yeager.

Sometimes when you walk into a space, it immediately seems… well, dated. In some apartments or attractions, this is a good thing, but for a couple in Midtown Manhattan, this was not their ideal home. In a newly purchased unit, they were surrounded by detailing that was anything but new. A dated Italian theme permeated the apartment from the oversized light fixtures, the color choices, and the stain of the hardwood floors. Homepolish designer Matthew Cane went on a walkthrough of the space with the couple and recognized the solid foundations of the home… but it still needed a major cosmetic update.


Working together, the three came up with what Matthew calls “regal chic” décor, an aesthetic that is undoubtedly at home in a luxe Manhattan apartment. A gray color palette runs throughout the walls and larger furnishings, but geometric and color intrigue pop in at unexpected places – the teal armchair, the wavy gold coffee table, or the pendant chandelier in the bedroom. Hardwood floors and hardware were all updated. And the cherry on top? The couple are friends with an artist who gave several pieces to match the home. Major win.

When all was said and done, the couple took Matthew on a final tour of the home. And sprung a bit of news on him. They were expecting TWINS. Matthew was brought back on to redesign the spare bedroom into a twin nursery. A Homepolish first.



Working with Homepolish and Matthew was a collaborative, seamless, and truly enjoyable experience. Matthew immediately understood the glamorous, chic, yet cozy feel we were going for. Now we have a wonderful space to come home to every day.

- Anonymous, Homepolish client
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