A Quick By-Video Makeover in the OC

A Quick By-Video Makeover in the OC

A Quick By-Video Makeover in the OC


Krizia Liquido, Lifestyle editor of Verily


After a magazine editor and her family moved from NYC to the OC, they were ready to get the design of their new home going. With Homepolish's by-video design, our own Haley Weidenbaum was able to help.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Cross-country moves are never easy. For Krizia Liquido, lifestyle editor for Verily, her husband Francisco, and two kids, they were more than happy to leave their 240 square-foot city apartment. Their new California home was more than four times the size of the old space! However, what they didn’t anticipate was the cost of moving. Once they settled in the OC, they found that their budget for design shrank. They decided to hold off from buying any BIG pieces of furniture until they rebuilt their savings. But as Krizia says, “Living out of our suitcases, eating, and ‘relaxing’ on cheap lawn furniture got old fast,” so she came to Homepolish desperate for some help.

Since they live a good distance out of Los Angeles city center, we hooked her up with designer Haley Weidenbaum by video. Due to their limited budget, Krizia decided to start slow… just a little 9×9 multifunction room. (Dipping her toe in the veritable design pool.) The goal was to make a small respite where Krizia could work, but the kids could be comfortable to play. And if necessary, guests could use it for a night’s stay. Not to mention, they were ready for some REAL furniture.


Haley helped Krizia tackle the room, giving her three main pieces of advice. First, for a small room, choose a light and neutral color palette to give the sense of an open space. Second, try out different floorplans and don’t overcrowd the furniture. And finally, pay attention to those finishing touches and accessories (they really tell about your personality). The two initially Skyped, but sometimes they even Facetimed, right in the middle of the store! And now, Krizia can’t wait to get started on the rest of the home.

Check out her write-up about the process on Verily.


Our hole-in-the-wall is now three rooms in one where we love to read, work, entertain, and live in every day. Equipped with Haley’s thoughtful expertise, making our dream room come true was worth every penny.

- Krizia Liquido, Verily lifestyle editor
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