A PR Director’s West Village Studio

A PR Director’s West Village Studio

A PR Director’s West Village Studio


Dria Murphy, PR Director, Keep.com


Pops of yellow, fluffy textures, and rearranging existing furniture changed the look of this New York studio entirely.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

As the director of the PR department that puts (and keeps!) e-commerce startup Keep.com on the map, Dria Murphy is a very busy woman. Having met our designer Casey DeBois during the Keep office revamp and not wanting to spend the little free time she had on figuring out her apartment, she reached out to Homepolish to help her optimize her 400 square-foot space. Casey jumped right in suggesting pops of yellow, new textures, and smart storage. Open-faced, wall-mounted shelving meant that Dria was able to display her very impressive collection of accessories without sacrificing floor space and simple furnishings kept the small space from feeling crowded. In properly decorating small spaces, Casey says, “Keep it simple – less is more here. A patterned rug would have devoured the space and made it look smaller. Bigger pieces should be classic, clean-looking, and light. Avoid heavy objects that will weigh the space down! A large neutral rug brings warmth (especially when layered) and divides spaces within the studio.” By keeping it simple, Dria’s vision for a happy, warm, and comfortable apartment was made real.

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