A Posh Bachelorette Pad in DC

A Posh Bachelorette Pad in DC

A Posh Bachelorette Pad in DC


Emily Rasowski, director of marketing strategy at a digital agency


Looking at this chic 1-bedroom apartment in the DC metropolitan area, you'd never guess that when Homepolish's Shannon Smith first came in, it was virtually empty.

Photos by Laura Metzler.

Sometimes transformations are absolutely startling. When Homepolish’s Shannon Smith first walked into Emily Rasowski’s Logan Circle apartment, it was… well, sparse would be generous. The only piece of furniture was a mattress (if you count that as furniture), and various suitcases were strewn about the apartment. She had only been in the space for a couple days, but the need to make it a home was urgent. And they needed to do it all for only $5K.


As it was, the space was not at all appropriate for Emily, who Shannon immediately describes as a “lady boss.” After a long day at the office, Emily needed a sanctuary (albeit a chic one) to come home to. A mixture of calm, relaxing, and adult… somewhat reflective of her extra-work activity of pursuing yoga.


Unsurprisingly, a bright and neutral tone prevails throughout the apartment from the white walls to the white rug and linens. Even the light gray sofa seems to blend in nicely. But this isn’t to say that there aren’t standout features. In the bedroom, a stark black feature wall highlights abstract gold fish sculptures. Quirkier objects such as a golden cat-shaped wine bottle and a unicorn lamp show how Shannon and Emily clicked. Oh, and don’t forget the black and white yoga photos. As Shannon notes, “It’s art imitating life.”


I moved into my new space with nothing more than 6 suitcases, not even a mattress! Shannon is amazing. Not only did she listen to my thoughts, comments, and concerns, but she was always there to go the extra mile and answer all of my questions. She picked up on my likes and dislikes immediately and we vibed extremely well together on a personal and professional level. I felt like she was rooting for me just as much I was rooting for me.

- Emily Rasowski, director of marketing strategy