A Place to Unwind in the Windy City

A Place to Unwind in the Windy City

A Place to Unwind in the Windy City


Designer Amanda Sacy imbues a Chicago home with classic, serene, and spa-like elements to temper the frenzy of city life.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

After an impossibly long day of work, errands, and traversing the hustle and bustle of city life, the first thing you want to feel when you walk through your front door is a sense of ease. This was the goal designer Amanda Sacy was tasked to achieve for one very busy Chicago resident.

“My client wanted to walk into her kitchen at the end of the day and instantly feel peace,” Amanda says.

The sensation she sought to mimic is akin to entering a spa, which unsurprisingly, served as the initial inspiration for the design.

“When we were discussing her vision, my client mentioned a trip to Hotel Bel-Air’s spa and how she fell in love with the serene atmosphere,” recalls Amanda. “I wanted to incorporate the warm whites and rich wood tones into the space, so she could start and finish her day in a calm environment.”

Evoking this spa-like ambiance meant saying goodbye to the space’s current jarring orange walls that were decidedly more off-kilter. To set a tranquil tone for the kitchen and living room, Amanda swathed the walls in ecru-colored paint. This left room for layers of traditional and contemporary textures, like the kitchen’s white marble backsplash, which ties back to the updated fireplace surround in the living room.

To dial up the warmth and calmness in both rooms, Amanda wove light blue into the space as an accent color through ombré vases, textured throw pillows, and a diptych above the couch.

“The [diptych] artist used a unique resin technique, which allows the light to bounce off the canvas naturally,” Amanda explains. “I wanted to continue the light play throughout the space, so chrome and glass accents were brought in.”

For example, she selected three pendant light fixtures to hover above a custom island (her favorite addition to the space), which she extended into the breakfast nook to provide her client with plenty of extra seating and countertop space. And to further establish the space as an oasis from city life, Amanda transformed a dated desk into a place for serving beverages—because nothing rounds out a house of zen quite like a bottle (or three) of Pinot.

So, the next time you’re due for a trip to the spa, take a page from Amanda’s book and consider transforming your kitchen and living room into one instead. That way when it’s time to relax, you won’t even have to stray from your couch.

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