A Photographer’s SF Loft Redesign

A Photographer’s SF Loft Redesign

A Photographer’s SF Loft Redesign


Helena Price, photographer


Completely transforming this SF loft space, our designer Savannah Grace Roberts infused the design with custom elements and special details to reflect Helena's creative personality. Tour the space in the slideshow!

Photographs by Helena Price.

Photographer and occasional techie Helena Price knows a thing or two about great aesthetics. With a very varied background (she’s half-Norwegian, grew up in North Carolina, and has spent most of adulthood living in California) and a career switch from startup-Biz-Dev to full-time-photographer under her belt, she also knows a lot about big changes. With her designer Savannah Grace Roberts, Helena wanted to change the look of her SF loft from beige and unremarkable to something much more suited to her cool, creative personality.

With custom elements, some fresh coats of paint and the collaborative perspectives of both Helena and her boyfriend Martin, Savannah transformed the space into a real home perfectly equipped for everything they (and their cat Ralph) wanted and needed. And then, Helena photographed the whole thing! Go ahead and take a minute to admire the design and Helena’s photography in the slideshow.

In this tour:
Living Room