A Photo-Ready Kitchen for Frigidaire

A Photo-Ready Kitchen for Frigidaire

A Photo-Ready Kitchen for Frigidaire


For Frigidaire’s new Gallery Black Stainless Steel collection, Homepolish’s Kevin Bennert designed a stylish yet practical kitchen.

Chances are that if you look around your kitchen, you’ll find at least one product from Frigidaire. Little known fact about the company: whenever they release a new suite of products, they design a full kitchen to highlight the newly designed appliances in a more real life setting. The kitchen is then used to capture photography to support the launch. With the company’s new Frigidaire Gallery Smudge-Proof Black Stainless Steel collection, which features pieces in black stainless finishes, they wanted a kitchen that was drastically different. Think effortlessly stylish meets utterly practical.

Frigidaire turned to Homepolish, specifically designer Kevin Bennert, to bring their vision to life. As soon as Kevin saw the appliances, the inspiration was clear. “The black stainless steel collection offers the latest in technology,” he said. “I tried to focus on clean lines, slight minimalism, attention to details, and above all, high functionality (a hallmark of Frigidaire products).” And we have to say, the new design of these appliances is super user-friendly. Not to mention, a black stainless finish is easily incorporated into any existing kitchen. Turns out, just like fashion, black goes with most anything.

Speaking to Kevin about the process, he seemed especially amped for the Smudge-Proof finish, which makes any home kitchen super liveable. “The black stainless finish contrasts beautifully with the neutrals throughout the specific space I designed for Frigidaire, but it’s honestly an obvious choice for nearly any kitchen.”

All in all, Kevin incorporated the French door refrigerator, dishwasher, double wall oven, gas range, and over-range microwave, all from the new collection. Commission accomplished.

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