A Nouveau Nursery for Our Designer’s Own Daughter

A Nouveau Nursery for Our Designer’s Own Daughter

A Nouveau Nursery for Our Designer’s Own Daughter


Designer Brooke Slabic takes terrazzo to the tots with a dreamy, desert-inspired nursery for her daughter. Read how she created the unconventional kid's space.

Photos by Heidi's Bridge

When designing this nursery, Homepolish’s Brooke Slabic had a very special client—her own daughter. Her goal was to create a whimsical space that felt more calm than childish. Moms, as always, know best—so here are the lessons we learned from her space.

Trust your instincts.
Brooke Slabic: “The design process for the nursery was really magical because I was creating a space where my little one would grow up. It was easier to design for myself than for a client because I trust my initial instincts when I fall in love with a piece and design a room around it (whereas most clients need more time and convincing).

I came across the wallpaper when I was designing for another client and it stayed in the back of my mind ever since. I was thrilled to be able to use it for my nursery! The rest of the room fell together quickly. I stayed with the muted color palette to create a cohesive story.”

Give them room to grow
Brooke: “I love creating spaces that are minimalist in nature but have big impact. I wanted to create an atmosphere that felt whimsical and calm without being too childish. I focused on creating special moments rather than covering the walls with tons of cutesy decor. It took a lot of restraint!”

Invest in their future (but also be realistic)
Brooke: “Choose pieces that are functional and adaptable. It’s important to consider how the room will evolve as your child matures. For example, the String Shelf bookcase is an investment as this piece will follow my daughter well into her life. The dresser however I knew would have more wear and tear as it has many functions; housing clothes, toys, and books as well as acts as a changing table. It’s all about balancing highs and lows.”

Wallpaper wisely
Brooke: “The wallpaper acts as artwork for the whole room. Installing wallpaper in a small room can sometimes make the space feel tiny and claustrophobic, but by applying it only to the lower portion of the wall the room opens up and feels light and airy.

I installed the paper myself (first time ever!) with liquid starch so it isn’t permanent. Using liquid starch rather than wallpaper glue allows for the paper to be removed easily without any of the hassles of regular wallpaper.”

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