A Newlywed Couple’s Contemporary, Eclectic Clinton Hill Condo

A Newlywed Couple’s Contemporary, Eclectic Clinton Hill Condo

A Newlywed Couple’s Contemporary, Eclectic Clinton Hill Condo


Designer Andrea Jaramillo helped a newlywed couple harmonize their distinctive styles to create contemporary, bohemian pad in Clinton Hill.

Photos by Christian Torres

Spending your honeymoon phase knee deep in design choices is a make-it-or-break-it test for any couple, but Brooklyn-based newlyweds Gabriella and Danny West passed the feat with flying colors. It helped that the first-time homeowners had Homepolish designer Andrea Jaramillo in their corner to help harmonize their distinctive styles within their new 1,000-square-foot, post-war Clinton Hill condo. Their goal? To establish a contemporary vibe, punctuated with eclectic, bohemian touches.

“To pull it all together, we had to play with balance,” Andrea explains. “Nothing too stark and modern was added to the space without complementing it with warm tones or textures.”

Andrea began by pulling soft colors from bohemian palettes—think rusts, blushes, creams, rattan browns, and brass—and mixing them with contemporary furnishings and colors, like deep greys and blacks.

With the foundation laid, Andrea sought out opportunities to invite character into the otherwise cookie-cutter condo through custom furniture and texture aplenty. In the dining nook, for instance, she tapped the couple’s friend Ben Smithson to create a custom bench in an untreated maple. On the opposite side of the table, she selected a mix of modern chairs to create a more visually compelling moment within the dining nook. And to offset these contemporary pieces with a boho feel, Andrea added a rattan pendant and bar stools.

In the living room, Andrea ushered in additional texture via a large-scale Moroccan-tiled rug and patterned throw pillows. She also worked with the couple to incorporate Moroccan pieces sourced during their travels, including a framed pillow case.

“They were really inspired by their travels Morocco—that’s actually where they got married,” she shares. “They bought [the pillow] before they ended up getting married there. It was a pivotal place for them.”

Morocco also served as the inspiration for the office, where Andrea focused on weaving in textiles and accessories, like pillows and a rug, inspired by the North African country.

Gabriella and Danny enjoy reading and quiet time, so Andrea established a relaxing, minimalist vibe in the bedroom, inspired by simple Scandinavian design with pops of boho style found in the bed frame, jute ceiling fixture, and candlewick pompom coverlet. Because Gabriella was craving a touch of drama in the bedroom, Andrea sprung for a moody feature—a deep charcoal accent wall—which lends the space a cocoon-like feeling.

“It’s really beautiful in that particular space because the flooring in the room is very red,” she says. “It tones it down. We had originally toyed with the idea of just going up half of the wall, but then we realized we could make more of an impact by doing the full wall, especially because that room gets so much light.”

Another space drenched in light is the outdoor space, where Andrea dialed up the bohemian design.

“Since I had pushed for a more contemporary look inside, we made sure to give Gabriella and Danny their bohemian rooftop escape outside,” she reveals.

She did so by selecting weather-proof pieces with a relaxed, boho feel, like banana fiber stool and a wicker Samoa egg chair, and adding an abundance plants. As a finishing touch, she hung bistro lights along the lip of the ledge to add warmth when the couple is entertaining, or simply enjoying the space together—they are newlyweds, after all.

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