A Newlywed Couple’s Bright and Zen Brooklyn Abode

A Newlywed Couple’s Bright and Zen Brooklyn Abode

A Newlywed Couple’s Bright and Zen Brooklyn Abode

For this newlywed couple's home renovation, Homepolish designer Alison Murray designed with neutral tones and white walls, to make for a balanced space.

Photos by Christian Torres

In recent years, the definition of health has stretched to cover a multitude of things, concepts ranging from spiritual well-being to skincare. For a newlywed couple with creative days jobs who moonlight as vegan chefs, they needed a space that struck the perfect balance of inner and outer beauty.

When the couple enlisted the help of Homepolish designer Alison Murray Winkler, they had a tight deadline. They wanted their home to completely done up for weekend of their wedding so that family and friends could celebrate in a space that radiated as much of a glow as the newlyweds.

Prior to moving in, the space need a slew of renovations. Since that’s enough to test any couple, they called in Alison and Homepolish for help with space planning, lighting, paint and flooring decisions, furniture sourcing, as well as final touches like art and accessories.

If that sounds easy, it wasn’t. The seasoned designer had quite a few problems to solve, including outdated light fixtures, unsightly wooden floors, garishly-hued walls, and poorly configured built-ins throughout the home. That’s not to mention the kitchen, which featured dark, dim cabinetry and low lighting that was more “meh” than magical.

Alison got straight to work. Her biggest goal was to create a floorplan that could solve some of the home’s awkward angles.

“The space layout was critical,” Alison said. “Since the living, dining, kitchen and home office are all one large space, it was very important to make each space feel distinctly different and defined. There are also a lot of funky angled walls and ceilings within the space, which add character, but made furniture layouts/planning more challenging.”

Alison worked through the layout with grace—removing all the unnecessary built-ins in the bedrooms, living room, and dining room galore and reconfiguring each zone. Structurally, the entire master bath also needed a breath of fresh air, along with the entirety of the light fixtures.

Alison aimed for a light, calming, yet timeless space the newlyweds could enjoy for many years to come. To set a neutral base, she decided to replace all of the floors with a rich, warm hardwood. She lightened up the home by painting each and every surface a clear and vivid shade of white.

This pure, crisp background was the perfect setting for the couple to layer in personal touches. The kitchen runner and blue bedroom pillows came after the wedding—they are souvenirs from their honeymoon in Morocco.

“The clients were interested in minimalism but also wanted it to feel comfortable and lived-in,” Alison shared. “I feel like we really achieved that balance. The space is incredibly relaxing due to the neutral blue and ivory palette but there are also unexpected touches that make it very personal.”

As relaxing and chill as white can be, any city dweller knows that a bedroom needs to be void of bright lights when a comfortable bed is calling your name. For ease, Alison implemented smart home devices to allow the clients to dim the lights and lower the blinds by voice alone.

As true vegans who are loyal to the cause, the couple wanted an outdoor space that could be home to a variety of plants. “I was always impressed with their vegan meals that they prepared together, usually incorporating herbs from their urban garden,” Alison divulges. “Their dedication to their plants, herbs, trees and greenery is unparalleled to anything I’ve seen in NYC. They’ve truly created an urban oasis within their interior and exterior spaces.

Per Alison, that garden is getting plenty of use. “They make homemade mint tea from their mint plants on the patio (and it’s delicious!),” Alison shared. “They generously served it to us during the photo shoot.

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