A New Outdoor Gathering Space for W Hotel Atlanta

A New Outdoor Gathering Space for W Hotel Atlanta

A New Outdoor Gathering Space for W Hotel Atlanta


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As W Hotel Atlanta revamped, they hired Homepolish's Sandie Tsai to handle their outdoor lounge. Here, she shares her top four tips for designing outside.

Photos by Morgan Blake.

Homepolish has broken onto the hospitality scene, with our very own Sandie Tsai completing work for the W Hotel Atlanta. The hotel is going through a revamp, and with it, they decided to tackle an oddly shaped outdoor area. It was up to Sandie to turn it into the optimal lounge area for guests. She did such a stellar job, they invited her back to design their pool area. But, you might be wondering… How do you design a beautiful space in the great outdoors? Well, take it from the pro and check out Sandie’s top four tips below that everyone should keep in mind when designing outside.


1. Weather-proof fabrics

As Sandie points out right off the bat, “Predictably, weather elements play a key factor in deciding what materials and finishes to use when you’re designing an exterior space.” Fabrics such as canvas, nylon, vinyl, and polyurethane tend to work well, holding up under sun exposure or water wear. Sunbrella is an excellent source as well, with their own proprietary composition.


2. Durable furnishings

And of course, as with fabrics and textiles, it should go without saying that your outdoor furniture should also be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature should bring. Janus et Cie, Restoration Hardware, and Kingsley-Bate are some of Sandie’s favorite sources, but that’s not the end of the list! When you’re putting together your furnishings simply look for certain materials. Reclaimed wood with the proper finish, metals (also with a rust-proof finish), stone, concrete, marble, and glass are all viable options. And best of all? They’re all available in a variety of price points.


3. Covering

Even if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space to design, chances are that you don’t want to be completely exposed to the elements. An often forgotten piece of outdoor design is covering, whether it’s an umbrella or an awning. It’s important to invest in one that’s strong enough to hold up against anything… such as the gale force winds Sandie had to battle.


4. Lighting

Lastly, don’t forget lighting! Since outdoor spaces are usually flooded with sunlight, we can often forget about lighting. But what happens with you want to enjoy the space in the evening? String lights, lanterns, or even candlelight can be a nice touch. Just make sure that it can get wet without shocking people.


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