A New Home for Homepolish Headquarters New York

A New Home for Homepolish Headquarters New York

A New Home for Homepolish Headquarters New York




At Homepolish, we recognize that companies grow and change. We recently expanded into a new 12,000 square-foot office in the Flatiron, so our founder Noa Santos created a beautiful and on-brand workspace.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

At Homepolish headquarters, when we think of residential spaces and design, we often imagine the life events that shape a home: a recent marriage, a newborn, moving in together, carving out a space for a home office when you branch out on your own. And though we don’t often think about it, companies are living breathing things as well, with their own life events. As companies grow, their spaces and environments must change with them. At Homepolish, it was time for our first “grown up” space.


Starting out in founder Noa Santos’s living room (yes, that’s an actual fact), by our fourth anniversary, we were celebrating in a 5,000 square-foot Flatiron open office space. In fact, you might remember it. Using it as a testing ground for other startup office ideas, we had several living room-esque break-out areas, a live plant wall, a cozy café, and greenhouses that served as makeshift conference rooms (a favorite Instagram moment for visitors). But soon after that anniversary party, we realized that our team was definitely testing the limits of the space. As much as we loved each other, we weren’t keen on working on top of one another.


Within two months, we found ourselves moving into a brand-new (and rather grown-up) 12,000 square-foot office. It was literally around the corner… which surprisingly doesn’t make moving day pains any less stressful. Luckily, this wasn’t exactly our first merry-go-round. Noa along with commercial designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks led the office renovation, aiming to create a space that expressed our elevated and luxurious (yet ever approachable) brand. Our cozy greenhouses were swapped out for two gorgeous glassed-in living room breakout areas, designed in partnership with West Elm Workspace. Working with the line’s in-house team, we created two spaces with their own unique aesthetic that is warm, inviting, and multifunctional, all at once. Depending on the time of day, you might see staffers debating over laptops… or someone taking a selfie under the palm tree. The furnishings allow people to shape and engage with the environment in their own way, making a space that is flexible and optimized for different work styles. As a cherry on top, our own Tina Rich designed pillows to go with the décor. In addition to the living rooms, there are five breakout rooms and four phone booths, each in their own unique shade of Pratt & Lambert paint. Workstations, once characterized by white-painted reclaimed wood desks with mismatched legs, were upgraded to five rows of sleek white laminate.


And there were plenty of completely new amenities too. Two large conference rooms, both outfitted with sweeping boardroom tables and the latest tech, now play host to our major meetings. A favorite for our Friday happy hours? A stunning kitchen with navy cabinetry, brass hardware, and herringbone subway tiling… oh, and a fully stocked bar, naturally.


We couldn’t resist some additional polished touches as well. Giant crystal chandeliers (a throwback to the old office) can be seen from the street below. A lush blue velvet curtain divides the main workstations from the entryway (since we like to throw parties every once in a blue moon). And the final flourish? A rotating collection of Uprise Art pieces, generously provided by our close friend (and client) Tze Chun. On day one, the excited chatter of HoPo employees made it clear: we’re moving on up.

See more in the slideshow! And check out the feature on Business Insider.


As Homepolish has grown, it’s been important that each of our offices represents the promise we make to our clients, our designers, and our employees. Ultimately, we care about living and working our mission of making the world a better space. This space represents the next phase of that journey.

- Noa Santos, Homepolish founder


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