A New Couple’s Bright and Colorful SF Apartment

A New Couple’s Bright and Colorful SF Apartment

A New Couple’s Bright and Colorful SF Apartment


Danielle Wolinsky, YouTube


When a couple moved in together, they turned to Homepolish's Nicole Newkirk to turn their apartment into a home. Now we're wondering if we could move in too...

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Eight months ago, Dani Wolinsky and her boyfriend Adam moved into their first apartment together in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Right away, Dani knew that she wanted to elevate the style of the space and transform it into a proper home for the two of them. She openly admits that it’s a cheesy, lovey storyline, but hey, we’re ALL for it!

Homepolish’s Nicole Newkirk came on board to translate their various quirks into a beautiful, “adult” apartment. And Dani definitely isn’t one to skimp on the quirk department… this gal loves singing competitions, she’s obsessed with all things Winnie the Pooh, and one day she wants to own a herd of basset hounds. It was up to Nicole to translate that colorful personality into the home.


The first step was to clear everything out and start with a clean slate. The only thing that stayed was the TV… which was Adam’s department. (You could say that he was the audiovisual engineer of the living room.) Then, Dani and Nicole worked together to find modern furnishings that were balanced with a slight cozy touch. That balance comes into play throughout the home from the modern leather sofa softened with sheepskin throws to the ghost chairs paired with a weathered dining table. The result is a light and airy space. Now, to accessorize with those basset hounds… though Dani admits that they might not be good for her new décor.


I knew I wanted to elevate the style of the apartment. Working with Nicole was an amazing experience. It was great to have a creative outlet since I’m so cerebral and right-brained at work.

- Dani Wolinsky, Homepolish client
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