A Multifunctional and Personal Brooklyn Studio

A Multifunctional and Personal Brooklyn Studio

A Multifunctional and Personal Brooklyn Studio


Lindsey Wasson, advertising account director


In a Clinton Hill 320 square-foot studio, or any small space for that matter, every inch counts. With a creative layout, Homepolish's Marissa Bero seemingly multiplied a young bachelorette's space.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Whenever a designer opens a conversation about a client with, “She loves rap and pineapples,” you know that you’re in for a good time. Hailing from Oklahoma and coming to Brooklyn by way of Dallas, Lindsey Wasson is definitely a person of varied (and unique) interests whether that’s vintage stationary, funky sneakers, or practicing her newfound DJ skills. Of course, it’s tough to fit all that personality into a 320 square-foot studio in Clinton Hill, especially when you’re used to the sprawling floor plans of Dallas.


Having heard about Homepolish at LA’s Create + Cultivate, Lindsey bookmarked the company for when she needed some design help. She had the color palette and the main pieces of furniture, but the space still didn’t feel livable. That’s when our designer Marissa Bero stepped in.


Lindsey had never lived in a studio before, and they needed to figure out how to turn one room into a sleeping, working, eating, and lounging space. With an imaginative layout, it all came together. (In fact, when we first saw the preview images in the Homepolish HQ, we thought it was multiple rooms.) And everywhere you look, there are hints of Lindsey’s colorful personality. Tropical palm pillows accent the bed. Her grandmother’s vintage cane chair, reupholstered in a chic striped fabric, designates the workspace. And above the lounge area, a gallery wall with sketches, dishware, typeface, and… you guessed it, a pineapple.

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Oh man… words can’t describe how talented Marissa is, and not just from a design perspective either! She is an excellent listener and communicator. She manages time well and is willing to jump in and get her hands dirty. Her design expertise allowed her to curate a beautiful look that was perfectly me.

- Lindsey Wasson, advertising account director
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