A Modern, Masculine Oasis in Laurel Canyon

A Modern, Masculine Oasis in Laurel Canyon

A Modern, Masculine Oasis in Laurel Canyon


Combining rich textures, dramatic pieces, and modern farmhouse influences, designer Galina Holechek creates a handsome relax pad nestled in the hills of LA’s iconic Laurel Canyon.

Photos by Jess Isaac

If we had it our way, we’d take refuge after our frenzied work days in a home tucked away on a scenic hillside. Preferably somewhere that looks a lot like the 2,200-square-foot Laurel Canyon home Galina Holechek re-designed for a Los Angeles-based entertainment industry insider.

“[My client] travels a lot for work, so the space primarily needed to serve the function of being a respite after a long day or a long time away.” Galina shares. “It also needed to serve as a space that he could entertain large groups of industry friends in without feeling cramped.”

Galina managed to design a space that transitions seamlessly from relax pad to entertainment venue by drawing from several design sensibilities—from traditional masculine to modern farmhouse—in a way that feels organic and cohesive.

Because the home is nestled in the rugged hills of Laurel Canyon, its layout molds to the surrounding landscape, making the living room and dining feel like an extension of the outside. Galina worked this to her advantage, embracing the natural light and selecting a lighter palette that doesn’t compete with the home’s sweeping views. It helped that the house was essentially a clean slate to begin with.

“The bones of the house really gave us a blank canvas to go in whichever direction we wanted,” Galina says. “My client tended to lean toward more simple, geometric and clean lines.”

Galina chose to accent farmhouse-style features—like the white painted clapboard walls, the modern brass light fixtures, and wide plank bleached oak floor—with sleek modern pieces. In the living room, for instance, she selected Mid-Century pieces to sit alongside more masculine leather furnishings.

“I made sure we balanced the dark leather sofa with a high contrast textured rug that was playful and offset from the severity of the lines of the architecture, sofa, and TV console,” Galina explains. “The exaggerated fringe on the rug really helped to give the room a cheeky feel.”

Her client also has a flair for dramatic statement pieces, so she selected a brass-and-white lacquer coffee table that immediately draws the eye. She also incorporated pops of color in moderation to make a more profound visual impact, as demonstrated with her choice of upholstery for the Eames Lounge Chair. When her client was unsatisfied with the available fabric options, Galina suggested a deep indigo pinstripe velvet that transformed the chair into a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

“My client is very decisive,” Galina shares. “Every piece was either custom-made or selected with a lot of attention paid to detail.”

He had already curated an impressive collection of art when Galina came on board, so she helped him hand-select pieces to display that lend the room additional pops of personality.

The adjacent dining room is centered around the table, which boasts a handcrafted top made from Mexican Guanacaste wood with a whitewashed finish. Perfect for entertaining, the organic piece also mimics the natural elements surrounding the home. The room also leads to a breathtaking patio—a space equally fit for relaxing or entertaining—complete with neutral wooden and concrete furnishings.

In addition to an affinity for hosting, Galina’s client has a passion for rescuing dogs and wanted to leave the spaces uncluttered should he decide to do so in the future. As a result, Galina purposefully left many of the common areas open to yield a seamless flow throughout the home. In the seating area, which greets guests as they enter, she selected a few key minimalist pieces—including a sleek marble coffee table, spindle-back lounge chairs, and a sprawling cowhide rug—which complement the room’s focal point: a floor-to-ceiling steel fireplace surround.

Galina also played off the fireplace in the master bedroom. The most conventionally masculine of all the spaces, she punctuated the predominantly neutral space with a leather chaise lounge, brass accents, and a vintage art piece.

And just beyond the serene master bathroom that Galina elevated with a geometric-motif flatweave rug and brass sconces, you’ll find her client’s personal sanctuary: a patio sparsely decorated with a cocoon-like open-weave chair and custom-designed table, where he can escape once he retires as host for the night and simply be a guest of the canyon.

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