A Modern and Feminine Brooklyn Studio

A Modern and Feminine Brooklyn Studio

A Modern and Feminine Brooklyn Studio


Amanda Gutterman, founder of Slant


After a young bachelorette went roommate-less for the first time, Homepolish's Crystal Sinclair helped her upgrade her Williamsburg studio. By the end, her boyfriend moved in... apartment envy much?

Photos by Seth Caplan.

As soon as we started talking to Homepolish designer Crystal Sinclair about her recent client Amanda Gutterman, she eagerly quipped, “Amanda is best described in three F’s: feminist, futurist, and founder.” A quick Google search finds that she’s the founder of media startup Slant, and she’s also made the Forbe’s 30 Under 30 in the last year. Talk about making big strides. But she’s not only someone dedicated to her work, her living situation has also moving on up. You see, Amanda recently upgraded from roommate living to finding her own studio apartment in Williamsburg.

The thing about getting your own place, though, is that you have the freedom to finally discover your independent style. While exciting, it can be really difficult. And that’s exactly where Crystal stepped in. The two decided to aim for “modern with a feminine edge,” or as Crystal says in more colloquial terms, “like a sexy beach chair.” We’re imagining bright colors, comfort, and maybe a daiquiri to take the edge off at the end of a long work day.

The key about the space was utility. Since it is a studio apartment, every single item selected had to have a double function. Everything from the collapsable breakfast table that doubles as an office desk, to the stumps that serve as extra seating when she entertains, to the decorative open shelving that houses some of her daily wear, everything works to the max and every detail was carefully selected. And Crystal did select every detail, from the linens to the sponge holders.

Funniest detail? When the two finished the “bachelorette space,” our designer started working on her boyfriend Alex’s space. But in the end, the Alex and Amanda simply decided to move in together at the studio.


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