A Magazine Editor’s West Village Home

A Magazine Editor’s West Village Home

A Magazine Editor’s West Village Home


Christina Caldwell, W Magazine's Digital Director


New furniture for the new space and clean lines for the kids rooms

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

New York can be a distracting, busy and exhausting place so when W Magazine’s Digital Director Christina Caldwell called Homepolish looking for an at-home retreat we were more than prepared to help. Having just moved into their West Village 3BR apartment, Christina and her husband had an endlessly exciting list of possibilities to explore with their Homepolish designer Morgan. Wanting to let the beautiful architecture shine, Morgan focused on accenting with furniture (both existing and new). A lot of brass and woody elements make for a natural, calm and simple home that makes you feel like a new person as soon as you walk through the door. The minimal look and relaxed vibe is consistent throughout the family of four’s whole space — no themed bathrooms here. The baby has a white room with simple, gray star wall decals and a beautiful mid century shelving unit for her toys while the son’s bedroom uses neutral toned storage units to keep everything tidy and easily accessed by little hands. As Morgan says (clearly evidenced by this beautiful home), “there is real power in a neutral palette.”


Each piece of furniture is beautiful yet understated, so we relied upon them to tell a story instead of a bunch of extraneous things.

- Morgan, Homepolish designer
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