A Luxe West Village Pop-Up for Neely & Chloe

A Luxe West Village Pop-Up for Neely & Chloe

A Luxe West Village Pop-Up for Neely & Chloe


Neely and Chloe Burch, founders of Neely & Chloe


For the new accessible luxury fashion label Neely & Chloe, Homepolish designer Elisa Shankle created a pop-up store that's a perfect fit for their brand.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

At Homepolish, we often try to position our interior design services as an “affordable luxury.” When we caught wind of the new handbags, shoes, and accessories line, Neely & Chloe, we were hearing the same type of lingo. Their products are minimalist, functional, customizable, and best of all? Everything is under $300 since they are direct to consumer. Nieces of Tory Burch and Chris Burch, founder of C. Wonder, the two founders definitely know the ins and outs of the fashion world, but they knew that they would need some outside help to design their first-ever pop-up shop in the West Village.


To help with the optimal layout and furniture sourcing, Homepolish’s Elisa Shankle was just the woman for the job. Having designed our own Homepolish pop-up at the Sight Unseen show in New York, she knew how to make a temporary space look luxe and opulent without being over the top.


Right away, the dressing rooms were demolished to make extra space. Walls received a touch of flair from new wainscoting and new colors to match the brand. Since the floors were quite aged, Elisa brought in natural sisal rugs to soften the look. Furnishings are undoubtedly posh with gilded display shelves and tables, not to mention vintage velvet-upholstered armchairs, which Neely and Chloe found themselves. And should you ever forget where you are, just look to the neoclassical French side chairs, emblazoned with “N” and “C.”

But as it goes with pop-ups, it only lasts until the end of December. Go visit at 373 Bleecker Street! Meanwhile, we’ll keep our fingers crossed to design their permanent shop when the time comes.

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