A Luxe Upper East Side Family Home

A Luxe Upper East Side Family Home

A Luxe Upper East Side Family Home


Marissa Boss



Homepolish designer Mariellas Urrutia gives a luxe twist to a traditional home in this renovation, complete with a marble bathroom and pops of pattern.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Finding a family-friendly space in New York City that not only caters to the city lifestyle but is also airy and elegant is uncommon, so when we saw client Marissa Boss’ sprawling Upper East Side apartment, we knew that we were witnessing a rare facet of history.

One kitchen bathed in white light, one dreamlike, masculine marble bathroom, and one delightfully spacious living room later, and we feel more hopeful than ever before about accomplishing the impossible (with the help of Homepolish, that is). Homepolish designer Mariellas Urrutia gives us the lowdown on how she set such high expectations for us interior design lovers with this stunning project.

This chic Upper East Side apartment is home to a family of five—namely, pilates instructor Marissa Boss, her husband who works in finance, and their three daughtersso the roomy space was the perfect setting for Mariellas to get down to business on polishing this diamond in the rough.

The space required a complete and total gut renovation in addition to the redesign, but rather than being wary of what can be a daunting and long-winded aspect of any project, Mariellas saw the renovation as a chance to get creative and shape a space that would fit the family’s needs for years to come.

One of the most stunning details of this space is the utilization of unique, luxurious materials. In the living room, Mariellas incorporated details like a white marble fireplace, fuzzy woolen stools, and even geodes to create a sense of tasteful extravagance that would not only impress guests, but make everyday life a little more beautiful for the family.

After the remodel, the kitchen featured an open floor plan that allows the family to spend time together without being confined to close quarters. To visually signify which space is which, Mariellas connected the living room to the neighboring dining room and kitchen with hefty pieces like a burled oak veneer dining table, hand-blown, smoked glass globes, and slabs of rich marble. Such accents add weight and opulence to high-traffic areas that often fall victim to prioritizing function over style.

These materials reached reached their peak in a bathroom Mariellas built into a masculine, mysterious sanctuaryas lucky as he is to be blessed with a home full of females, Marissa’s husband needs a place of his own for a well-deserved break. Although the lavish stone was so lavish that it posed a potential problem (its sheer weight almost interfered with the plumbing), Mariellas worked her designer magic and delivered to the client exactly what they were looking for.

When it came to the girls’ bedroom, Mariellas made sure to have the space reflect each of the children’s personalities—no one wants any fussing or fighting over color schemes—so the girls each chose their favorite color to be featured in the room, the result being an age-appropriate, sweet-as-can-be pink and green theme. Details like Chandelier floor lamps brought a fancy feel to the space, because even children need a little luxury sometimes.

Their bathroom was more conventional in its utilization of color and materials, but being the stellar designer she is, Mariellas put a fun twist on traditional. Creating a unique pattern out of subway tiles, installing polished gold fixtures, and choosing a festive, flirty wallpaper, Mariellas brought a breath of fresh air to the freshly-renovated space.

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