A Lustrous, Highly Custom HQ for Prose Hair Care

A Lustrous, Highly Custom HQ for Prose Hair Care

A Lustrous, Highly Custom HQ for Prose Hair Care

Designer Tina Rich creates an office for Prose Hair Care as perfectly formulated (and pleasantly peach) as their products.

Photos by Christian Torres.

There’s nothing quite like having a good hair day. You feel confident, inspired, excited—like you can take on the world. A good hair day makes you feel empowered.

A beautiful office can do the same. Especially if your hair looks great while you were there.

That’s why personalized haircare startup Prose reached out to commercial design maestro Tina Rich. Tina took their 2,800-square-foot Soho office to blissfully blush heights.

Prose formulates their products specifically for each customer’s unique hair and scalp needs, using all-natural and organic ingredients and in categories like gluten or fragrance-free. Each bottle arrives mixed to order, labeled with your own name and hair profile. Needless to say, Tina wanted something that felt equally as tailored. The vibe is perfectly exemplified by the space’s mixing station.

“We wanted to create a space that reflected their thorough research and thoughtful mixing of ingredients, so we wanted to do a modern take on a lab with the large green cabinet and tiled table,” Tina explains.

If only all labs were this chic. Tina’s modernist, Memphis-inspired table feels more bespoke than beaker, thanks to striking peach-hued grout.

“Because their ingredients are meticulously tested and refined, and each product is custom mixed, we wanted to create a piece that had an apothecary vibe,” Tina explains. “I’ve been dying to do a tiled table and use colored grout, and I think the table turned out really funky.”

Move past the entrance and you’ll notice lots of nods to the company’s purpose. The conference room is decked with artwork that artfully references some key ingredients, and more nuanced details abound.

“We also wanted to add fun, subtle touches that related to hair: globe pendant lighting and coat hooks that look like bubbles, chairs that are shaped like drops (of product), and a custom rug that curves like strands of hair,” Tina says.

Of course, some are born with great hair—and some spaces have especially lovely bones as well.

“I can’t take any credit for the gorgeous brick,” Tina says. “But it was one of the first things I noticed in the space, along with the gorgeous natural light flooding through the large windows. I love that the brick (and the original wood ceiling beams!!) add a bit of an industrial touch and are so quintessential to spaces in Soho.”

Tina wanted to highlight that signature neighborhood feeling, while still creating a layout the was optimal for the office.

“The space was wide open, which is great but you would immediately see the kitchen and all the desks,” she explains. “We added a wall between the kitchen and what became the showroom. We also added a curved wall at the entry which set the tone, allowed for signage, and hid the open office behind. The curved entry wall is one of my favorite parts of the space.”

The gentle curves feels as bouncy as a good bob (we know, it’s a lot of hair puns) and the color scheme is just as effervescent.

“We pulled the color palette directly from their branding: peach, a soft pink, dusty green, and accents of powdery blue and rust,” Tina says. “They wanted the space to not only be a functional office but a lab, salon, and showroom for their clients to experience.”

Form marries function throughout their headquarters: plexiglass ledges with vinyl lettering for displaying client names, an upgraded “salon” mirror in a terrazzo base with a brass shelf for styling products. With that level of dedication to detail in mind, we don’t feel like it’s out-of-bounds to call Tina the “Prose” of commercial spaces.

“My approach to commercial (specifically office) design is to create a space that feels residential,” Tina says. “I want to create a home away from home for employees, somewhere they feel comfortable yet still energizing and inspiring.”

Consider us energized.

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