A Lively, Playful Apartment in Brooklyn

A Lively, Playful Apartment in Brooklyn

A Lively, Playful Apartment in Brooklyn


Carrie, PR Director at Hearst, and Ben Blickle, PhD Candidate


For well-read and well-traveled city dwellers, Homepolish designer Will Saks created a Boerum Hill apartment that is full of life and color.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Walking into Carrie Carlson and Ben Blickle’s Boerum Hill apartment, anyone would immediately be absolutely bowled over by a striking feature: a sweeping bookshelf that spans one whole side of their apartment. Ben’s books are lined alphabetically along the top, whereas Carrie’s are arranged in vignettes, some by color, others by topic (cooking), or still others based off of travels (a favorite is a section devoted to Sweden, where they honeymooned). Decorative storage boxes and travel knickknacks are mixed in throughout. And you wouldn’t expect anything less from these two. Carrie works for Hearst, one of the country’s largest publication companies, and Ben is a PhD candidate in English.


But the thing with such a curated, gorgeous work? It can make everything else in your home pale in comparison. That is, unless you have Homepolish designer Will Saks come in to help you out. Luckily, the owner of the apartment (and who the couple leases from) is an architect. The space has incredible bones, from the custom millwork in the kitchen to that bookshelf. After living there for four years, it was time to really make the space their own.


First on the to-do list was a trip to a local Chelsea framing shop A. I. Friedman. Will walked the couple through with their art, curating a selection of frames (37 total!) that would become four full gallery walls in the apartment. Arranging them on the floor like a giant game of Tetris, it was a puzzle to get everything to fit and make sense. But the family photos, artwork, travel mementos (such as a menu from their honeymoon), and a teal and gold map of the non-continental U.S., soon became the couple’s favorite parts of the home.


Next, key furniture pieces, lighting, and accessories were switched out. Pieces like the dining room pendants from Niche Modern add sophisticated, retro touches throughout the the space. An eclectic mixture of textiles were layered into the home. Carrie’s love of vintage and flea market shopping shines throughout the space. (Thank goodness, the Brooklyn Flea is only steps away.) Needless to say, the final home is as interesting as Carrie and Ben. Well, almost.


See the full tour in the slideshow! And check out the feature in the New York Times.


Working with Will was a DREAM. We bonded instantly over our love of color and pattern. He was able to help us channel our many, many ideas into a cohesive design that is colorful, cozy and most importantly, feels like it reflects both myself and my husband. He was extremely professional and passionate about our project, offered creative solutions, and was fun to work with.

- Carrie Carlson, Homepolish client


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