A Light & Airy Revamp for an LA Home

A Light & Airy Revamp for an LA Home

A Light & Airy Revamp for an LA Home


Maia Hollinger, television producer


Though a creative herself, a bachelorette in Los Angeles needed help finishing up her apartment. Homepolish's Haley Weidenbaum was able to handle the final touches.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Looking at the picture above, no one would believe where the project started. Picture Maia Hollinger, the client, and our star residential designer Haley Weidenbaum sitting low to the ground in foldable beach chairs, mapping out a mood board. The living room was completely and starkly empty, just a shell of a California white home. Maia had lived in the space since November, and it was nearly a year later… September. Since the apartment was her first place on her own, she knew that it had to be just right.


Working as a VP of creative affairs (that’s television development to us lay people) for Gaumont Television (anyone a fan of Narcos?) and having minored in art and architecture in university, Maia had an excellent eye for interiors and aesthetics. She imagined a bohemian look for the home, or as Haley says, “She wanted to tap into the starving artist inside of her.” She threw herself into design books and blogs, tapping into that old college self. When Haley came in, most of the work had been done, but the finishing touches and some of the main pieces were still missing.

To give that curated, though slightly disheveled, look, the two brought in layers of art into the living room and dining room. Maia built the live-edge coffee table herself… which is a feat that we can hardly fathom. The one big snag? When it came to the living room rug, they both went for a beautiful vintage piece at first. Seeing it in the space, however, they knew it wasn’t right. The final piece is simple and monochrome. The “starving artist” look took on more of a Scandi look in the end… maybe she’s just “artist” now.

See more of the space in the slideshow!


Haley was above and beyond. She’s that perfect blend of professional and friend, which is a necessary combination for someone who is going to collaborate on something as intimate as a home. Haley like, believed. She would remind me, repeatedly, that the staples we picked out would work, and she remained available over email to give me her seal of approval. Knowing that she believed was the foundation I needed to move forward with other choices. I had been trying to superimpose a style I wanted, but she enabled me to see what the space actually dictated.

- Maia Hollinger, television developer
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