A Home for Toast the Dog (and Her Human Mom)

A Home for Toast the Dog (and Her Human Mom)

A Home for Toast the Dog (and Her Human Mom)


Katie Sturino, blogger for The 12ish Style and dog-ager for @toastmeetsworld


It's a dog's life! Though when it comes to the home of Insta-famous pup Toast (and her human mom Katie Sturino), it's hardly the doghouse. Think more along the lines of a Chelsea apartment by Homepolish.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo.

Remember that old phrase about “being in the dog house?” Someone annoys their significant other, and they get banished to the couch for the night. The dog house is a place none of us want to be. Unless, that is, it’s the dog house of Toast, the Insta-famous King Charles Spaniel, who travels the globe, promotes product, and has even had an appearance on The Real Housewives of New York. Sharing a Chelsea 1-bedroom apartment with her adopted sisters, Pants and Muppet, her lifestyle is enviable, even to us humans. All of that is thanks to her dog-ager and owner, Katie Sturino, who is also a blogger for The 12ish Style.


Moving into the renovated factory space, the apartment was full of potential. White walls, original steel-framed windows, and hardwoods (perfect for puppy claws)… it was a blank slate. Katie called on Homepolish to breathe personality and color into the home… while still keeping it perfectly dog-friendly. Between the three dogs and Katie, the group leads a “Tasmanian devil” life, so designer Tina Rich took the reins for the redesign.


Tina first worked with Joss & Main for much of the larger furnishings, and she then began to layer in pops of color and fun through finishes and accessories. Removable wallpaper by Chasing Paper (a smart move for renters) sets the entryway and bedroom apart, giving a “Beverly Hills Hotel” vibe. Also, in the entryway, there are three portraits of the pups by Lark + Raven. Though, Katie notes that the art isn’t the dogs’ favorite part of the redesign. They often disregard their beds to curl up on those over-dyed and textured rugs in the living area. Sounds like the life.

Click through the slideshow and read more in the feature on People.


Tina was a dream. She was so efficient and kept us moving. She reined me in when I would suggest something over-the-top like a pink bed or Minions wallpaper. She would get the essence of what I wanted but channel it in a way that was more style-friendly.

- Katie Sturino, blogger for The 12ish Style
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