A Hole in One at Urban Putt SF

A Hole in One at Urban Putt SF

A Hole in One at Urban Putt SF


Urban Putt


When Urban Putt, an indoor miniature golf course in The Mission, needed an ace for their upstairs restaurant space, they called in Homepolish designer Felice Press to take a swing.

Photos by Lauren Edith Andersen.

Steve Fox was a top publishing professional in the Bay Area when he and his wife Leslie Crawford first started to host an unusual type of benefit. In 1993, they decided to have people over to their home to play golf. Inside. (Ok, it was miniature golf. But still.) Sounds like our type of benefit!
That’s how the zany idea of Urban Putt in San Francisco started. Over a decade later in 2014, Fox was safely away from the high-pressure job, and he decided to turn his annual fundraiser into a full-fledged business. Finding a space in The Mission that had been abandoned since 1999, he designed a 14-hole range himself and brought in the necessary builders to execute it. However, one space was overlooked: the upstairs restaurant. Bringing in Homepolish’s Felice Press, UP @ Urban Putt became more than just an eatery. Its now a destination for quirky design that fits in perfectly with the neighborhood. Poppy colors, custom graphics, and a decidedly retro feel, it all has us wanting to hit the green! You’ll feel the same once you tour the gallery.


The owners were looking for a space where people would still have fun even if they were not playing mini golf downstairs. The fun and color continues right up the stairs.

In this tour:
Dining Room
Home Office