A ‘Hamilton’ Star’s Luxe Living Room

A ‘Hamilton’ Star’s Luxe Living Room

A ‘Hamilton’ Star’s Luxe Living Room


Designer Amy Row gave Broadway actress Lexi Lawson’s living room star-billing, thanks to an elevated and comfortable makeover.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo.

Interior design isn’t always about going from nothing to something incredible. Sometimes it’s about leveling up the space you already have. Refresh your space to a finished product that’s better than you could even imagine.

Broadway star Lexi Lawson spends her days and nights as Eliza Hamilton in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning hit Hamilton. Her midtown apartment in the Manhattan View building in offers sweeping views, and the living room was perfectly cozy enough as a place for her to crash between shows. But Homepolish designer Amy Row had other ideas.

“I thought my apartment was beautiful. I had some great pieces and thought I did an OK job on my own,” Lexi said. “Wow, was I wrong!”

We partnered with StreetEasy to help create a space that reflected the songstress’ strong personality—and offers her an elevated space to spend her very limited free time.

“Lexi was looking for a bright and cozy living room refresh,” Amy said. “I wanted her to have a space where she could relax between performances that reflected her bright personality, so the goal was light and comfortable with an elevated design.”

To mimic that spirit, Amy layered in materials that matched her sparkling vibe.

“I added layers of texture—marble, brass, and velvet—for that warmth and depth and gave it extra pep by adding an incredible cacti, a gorgeous pearled credenza with chic black edging, and an added touch of beautiful draping flowers,” Amy said.

The overall effect is neutral, but nothing short of glamorous. The textural touches give the space dimension without visually crowding the room (and while letting the stunning view of the Manhattan skyline shine). As Lexi opined, she didn’t feel everything in the apartment needed to leave, so Amy worked to integrate her current pieces in with a new items to create more curated and thoughtful vignettes.

“I love being able to sift through special pieces of my clients’ that are tucked away out of site and give them new life by creating vignettes with these special objects. It’s more personal when they are items my clients already have a connection with, “ Amy explains. “Every item I chose for Lexi was beautiful and special in some way. When you intentionally select each item in your home with care, it adds character and meaning to your space, that in turn allows you to live a more meaningful life.”

That considered style wasn’t lost on Lexi. She officially considers the finished product an improvement over her previous space.

“The way Amy brought everything together and added such style to the apartment was fantastic,” Lexi said. “The pieces she brought in to fully complete the look of my living room was spot on. She did such a great job!”

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