A Guy Named Patrick’s #Nofilter Apartment

A Guy Named Patrick’s #Nofilter Apartment

A Guy Named Patrick’s #Nofilter Apartment


Patrick Janelle, the #instafamous New York man-about-town, collaborated with Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos to elevate his SoHo 1-bedroom to a picture-perfect bachelor pad.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

To say Patrick Janelle is a man of many interests may a bit of an understatement. Landing on the New York scene in 2012 in a small Little Italy apartment, he quickly found his niche with the then-nascent Instagram, creating the bon vivant account of @AGuyNamedPatrick. Many brand collaborations and multiple #dailycortados later, he served as the mastermind behind secret dining experience group Spring Street Social Society with his friend Amy Virginia. Coming soon, he plans on launching a new venture with his two brothers, The Liquor Cabinet, a platform that will make spirits more accessible. And did we mention that he’s also lived in Colorado, Los Angeles, and Frankfurt?

In April, he graduated to his first roommate-less 1-bedroom in SoHo, and he shared the news with his followers, naturally. The space was sun-washed and full of potential… practically furniture-less with outdoor folding chairs rounding out the seating and a vintage bike leaning up against the wall. As a creative, Patrick was full of ideas, but he wanted a professional to reign in his aesthetic and give it a more refined look.  Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos came in to create a space that fit his lifestyle. As an entertainer and host, he needed a warming space that conveyed his natural hospitality, but professionally, he needed a workspace. Collaborating with West Elm as well as many local New York makers, a fully functional and photo-worthy bachelor pad came about. And all in only 500 square-feet.

While furnishings such as a floating desk that spans the living room or the gorgeous brass-and-marble dining bar are definitely standouts, the home is made complete with the eclectic layers of detail. Prints from his stints as a graphic designer, a plastic trophy, carefully considered craft spirits… it all comes together to make a space that is utterly varied and distinct. Just like Mr. Janelle himself.


This was the first time I moved into a place on my own. I’m 33, and it was definitely time to make a space unique to me. I was so ready to just have an apartment that I could retreat to… A space that could show off my eclectic look and yet give off a sense of adult refinement.

- Patrick Janelle, Homepolish client
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