A Graphic Soho Space for BidSwitch

A Graphic Soho Space for BidSwitch

A Graphic Soho Space for BidSwitch


Designer Gala Magriñá creates a bold, branded 5,000-square-foot NYC office in a classic cast iron Soho loft.

Photos by Sean T. Smith

Tell us a little bit about your client. What were they looking for? Why did they come to Homepolish?

Gala Magriñá: BidSwitch was moving from an existing office space they had put together themselves into a new, larger space. They wanted to work with an interior designer to get the new office right in terms of branding and design so they came to Homepolish.

Black, white and grey with pops of red and aqua were the brand colors, so we made this the primary color palette for the space. On commercial projects, using colors from the brand guide makes our clients feel comfortable so if it works within the space we try to stick to that palette.

How did the classic Soho setting influence your design?

Gala: Location was a bit of a challenge since the main design direction was to do something similar to their Moscow offices which were very modern, vast, and streamlined but do it in this funky, old Soho loft space that had lots of charm—brick walls, columns, and beautiful old wood floors. So the location dictated that we go a little bit more fun and vibrant than what we saw in Moscow and push the envelope a little, which we always love to do.

What’s your favorite part of this redesign?

Gala: I love how all the custom-painted murals came out. We chose to paint geometric wall murals overlayed with printed graphics as a way to connect back to their Moscow office that had a lot of geometric architectural details the NYC space didn’t have.

The office space is 195’ long and almost every wall is covered in some sort of hand-painted graphic, which adds so much life and texture to the space and also gives you that funky NYC vibe.

I also love the kitchen. It feels very residential and open and I think it’s important to layer in spaces that feel that way. Since we spend the majority of our time at work, it’s nice to have areas within an office that make you feel like your at home.

One fun behind-the-scenes moment: we found a small bright green tropical frog in one of the gigantic trees we brought in to flank the hangout rooms. Our install team made a temporary home for him in a cardboard box and kept him next to the radiator (we figured he was a tropical frog so he would like the warmth). They named him “Rico” and he was quite the center of attention throughout the install with regular visits and check-ins from the client. On our last install day everyone said goodbye and one of our lead installers brought him to a Brooklyn Animal Shelter to be cared for properly. Only in New York.

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