A Gallery-Like Loft for Uprise Art’s Founder

A Gallery-Like Loft for Uprise Art’s Founder

A Gallery-Like Loft for Uprise Art’s Founder


Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art


Homepolish has used Uprise Art in countless projects, so it only makes sense that when we designed founder Tze Chun's Brooklyn loft, we pulled out all the artistic stops.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Tze Chun, founder of the New York-based online art gallery Uprise Art, has a long history with Homepolish, having met cofounder Noa Santos in 2012 just as both companies were gaining their footing. Since then, Homepolish has used Uprise Art as an endless resource for affordable but distinctive art pieces, showing our clients that you don’t have to be hoity-toity and rich in order to have original art in your home.


So you can just imagine our excitement when Tze and her husband Geoff called us in to help with the design of their new Prospect Park loft. With an open floor plan, high ceilings, and exposed brick walls, the apartment has the unmistakeable air of an industrial gallery space. But for Tze and Geoff, the environment is less about their line of work but their joint story. The two were married in the brick shell of an old railroad factory in Hudson, New York. When they first stepped into the apartment, the memories came flooding back.


As with any loft space, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Our designer Casey DeBois, who had worked with Tze several other times for other clients, came in to help the couple curate (so to speak) their home. The space started as a 3-bedroom apartment with a painted green kitchen and tapestries blocking the skylights. Beyond the obvious necessities of opening up the space and letting the sun back in, Tze wanted to achieve an eclectic vibe. In her words, she was going for “a bit retro, like 1960s Hong Kong and Singapore, the two places where my family is from and where I used to spend summers growing up.”


And as one might guess, there is art. A lot of it. There are 12 artists featured throughout the home, but that isn’t necessarily set in stone. Tze believes that art shouldn’t be stagnant, and it should be able to migrate around a space. Since she works with amazing artists every day, it only makes sense that she should be surrounded with as much of their work as possible.


To see more, click through the gallery, and see the feature on Business Insider.


Casey and I often collaborate on artwork for her projects, and her clients are always so happy working with her and love the design of their homes. Our own home was no exception! Casey completely embraced the fact that I wanted to apartment to feel eclectic, so we worked off of each others’ ideas to create something unique.

- Tze Chun, Uprise Art founder
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