A Fresh Take on Farmhouse in Southern California

A Fresh Take on Farmhouse in Southern California

A Fresh Take on Farmhouse in Southern California


If “farmhouse” conjures up dark colors and rustic decor, think again. Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum brought more than a little bit of light to a modern farmhouse-style home.

Photos by Jillian Sipkins.

At its heart, SoCal exudes cool comfort. The most perfectly-designed California spaces offer cozy, airy, untouched-by-time qualities—just like this Los Angeles bungalow crafted by Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum.

With a baby on the way, the family wanted a home that felt fresh enough for their new addition. With a pleasant frame to work with, Haley was tasked with giving the traditional home a more modern look.

“My client’s home needed a designer’s eye to pull the fixture and furniture designs together,” the designer says. “They knew what they wanted the house to look and feel like, but they needed help getting there.”

And help she did—Haley revamped the home throughout, maximizing the floor plan to fit the California casual hosting lifestyle (and a young tot).

“The interior architecture of this home and spacious floor plan make this an ultimate entertaining house,” shares Haley. “When we began working with these clients, the lack of furniture in their main entertainment areas (kitchen, living, dining) was the first hurdle to jump over.”

To fill the space, Haley opted to create one-of-a-kind pieces to suit the family.

“We customized the rug, sofa, and ottoman to fit their living room, and they perfectly fit their lifestyle,” the designer says. “The clients had a baby on the way, so we wanted to make sure that every aspect of the home was fitted around that fact. This meant that our two main focus points were safety and durability.”

Beyond safety, Haley honed in on the vibe—clean, crisp, and comfortable. She chose materials that could pull double-duyt: stain-resistant Perennial Fabrics made way for white sofas while the custom-made upholstered coffee table ensured no heads would be bonked on hard corners.

Custom furniture also provided a fix for some off-kilter measurements. While bright and beautiful, the home’s layout necessitated clever solutions.

“We decided that custom carpets and furniture would be perfect because some areas needed very specific sizing,” says the designer. “For example, there were rooms where rugs that were exactly 9’ x 12’ wouldn’t work, so instead we went to a custom rug shop in Los Angeles and created rugs that were sizes like 9’ x 11’ or 13’ x 10.’”

With the layout requiring some creative thinking, Haley made sure her clients could visualize what their home would look like in an unconventional way.

“Before we even put in orders for custom work, I lay blue tape down throughout the home so that everything’s size—sofa, rug, coffee table, you name it—can be viewed,” Haley shares. “This way the client can let me know early on if they want more space for walking here or less room for sitting there.”

With the big items in ethereal shades of white, Haley contrasted the dazzling space with a wash of warm tans and earthy hues. Textured jutes, woven woods, and warm neutral shades that are scattered throughout the space. Also, many of the pieces come from the client’s incredible collection of of antique and vintage pieces.

“The client previously lived in New York City but spent a lot of time finding antique items upstate,” Haley says. “For example, the old-school wicker lounger is a gem from a small town a few hours north of NYC. It’s really rare to find a client with such great taste, so I was really happy to have such beautiful pieces to work with.”

The combination of soft tones give the home a quiet elegance, but Haley decided that one area could veer towards a more adventurous look.

“The real ‘piece de resistance’ was the powder room,” the designer says. “With a pop of unexpected black and white floral wallpaper, this room easily became my favorite space in the house.”

To imbue the home with even more light, Haley made sure every item was considered, down to the lighting and window treatments.

“These elements are and will always be the finishing touches that make a space feel cohesive and complete,” Haley explains.

She called in a window treatment company that she’s worked closely with in the past. Haley walked through the entire home with the client and their expert, figuring out what type of lighting would make the most sense for each room. In areas like the living room, where light should be flooding from floor-to-ceiling, shades made of translucent materials are key whereas spaces where rest is priority number one calls for heavy duty blackout shades.

“The initial walk-through is so important,” the designer says. “It’s during that time that I can ask the client if they like to wake up with the sunrise or sleep in with a blacked-out room. Once we’ve established their habits, we check out a bunch of the fabrics that I bring along on every walk-through so they can see what the treatment could potentially look like.”

In terms of lighting, Haley wanted to match original pieces above the kitchen island and above the fireplace, so she turned to Cedar & Moss for custom light fixtures that created a cohesive visual story for visitors to follow.

“Through and through, the aesthetic of this house from the architecture to the furniture was traditional-meets-modern farmhouse, but the furniture and decor took the design to the next level by creating a homey-yet-sophisticated abode for this growing family,” says Haley.

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