A Fashion Showroom in the Garment District

A Fashion Showroom in the Garment District

A Fashion Showroom in the Garment District


Leota, fashion showroom and offices


In a former garment factory in the heart of New York, Homepolish's Lauren Caron tailored a space for a triple-threat design studio, office, and showroom. How... well, fitting.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Have you ever walked into a department store and all of a sudden felt breathless? How about those flagship stores on Fifth Avenue in New York? Now, THAT is retail design at it’s very best. A flurry of Al Hirschfeld cartoons in Henri Bendel… The glittering array of merchandise at Louis Vuitton… And then, there’s Bergdorf Goodman, which has had graceful white peacocks in its halls or cascading falls of flowers. And it just so happens that Lauren Caron, a Homepolish designer, was one of the visual merchandisers responsible for these sorts of beautiful displays.


So, when Leota, a line of fun and comfortable dresses, approached Homepolish for design work, the designer for the job was almost all too clear. Similar to changing over a store floor or windows, Lauren had an extremely tight timeline to transform the Garment District offices. Only three weeks (or just in time for Fashion Week). We’re picturing the assistants in The Devil Wears Prada scrambling at this point. At least the big architectural work had already been completed by Studio Parallel. It was up to Lauren to get that final, polished look.


The open layout of the office space lent itself to many possibilities, but Lauren kept design minimal and mostly white so that the colorful dresses and the dresses-in-progress would be the center of attention. Creative storage options also hide away the unnecessary clutter, with the exception of the central work table where patterns and upcoming designs can be seen in action. Now, Leota operates as an office, a wholesale showroom, and a design studio. The whole space is… well, we’re gonna use this word again, breathtaking.


The space needed to be everything including our design studio, business offices, and wholesale showroom. Since we specialize in prints, I wanted streamlined décor, so it wouldn’t compete with the dresses. I believe that a beautiful, tidy, uncluttered environment is mandatory for maximum creativity and happiness. Homepolish made every visual moment at Leota reflect our brand lifestyle of effortless glamour.

- Sarah Carson, founder of Leota
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