A Family-Friendly but Totally Fab Apartment

A Family-Friendly but Totally Fab Apartment

A Family-Friendly but Totally Fab Apartment


Yahaira Rodriguez and her family


In Williamsburg, a family of three (plus two dogs) decided that after six years, their place was in need of a redo. Starting with a completely blank slate, designer Jenny Kaplan made a colorful and approachable home.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Staring at the artwork in Yahaira Rodriguez’s bedroom in Williamsburg, one starts to realize that it could very well represent the whole apartment. Neutral tones and grays throughout but punctuated by fun pops of color. But of course, it didn’t always look this way. When Homepolish’s Jenny Kaplan first came to the 2-bedroom apartment, Yahaira had just cleaned out the entire space. Literally. In the living room, only the flatscreen TV remained.


What took place was a “design 360,” according to Jenny. All new coats of paint were applied throughout the space, including the kitchen cabinets. Large pieces of furniture and accessories were swapped out. Even the bare bones of the space weren’t safe, as new closet systems were built in. The final touch was were those details that really pulled the home together. The family wasn’t shy about introducing fun colors, and Jenny ran with it.

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Yahaira had recently gotten rid of all of her family’s furniture; her space was literally a blank canvas. She really wanted to make her space somewhere she and her family looked forward to coming home to.

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