A Downtown Delicacy

A Downtown Delicacy

A Downtown Delicacy


Arpita and her daughter


An empty apartment is transformed with soft textures, jewel tones and some amazing wallpaper.

Photographs by Chellise Michael.

Arpita’s Financial District apartment had stunning views and a great framework but was completely empty and white. A call to Homepolish connected her with our designer Amanda Gorski and the opportunity to fulfill all of Arpita’s dreams of a selectively colored, minimal and comfortable home. Amanda was thrilled to fill an empty space with new ideas, and started by infusing texture to create warmth. The two searched together to find furnishings that combined magnificent detail and minimal style. The living room sofas had clean lines and bold design in rich velvets and soft wools. Gold legs on the white sofa compliment the teal hue of the other, and the shag carpet cozies up the room’s regal feel. Wanting to improve the entryway in an unexpected way, Amanda used black and white arrow wallpaper and some charming vintage bicycle prints. The final look of the apartment left Arpita, her daughter and Amanda ecstatic about the place that finally felt like home.


When I walked into Arpita’s apartment for the first time, it was just an empty box but by the time the project day was finished, it had become a home.

- Amanda, Homepolish designer
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