A Designer’s Guide to the Perfect Entryway

A Designer’s Guide to the Perfect Entryway

A Designer’s Guide to the Perfect Entryway


Entryways are the first thing people see in your home, so the design has to impress. Homepolish designer Katherine Carter tells you how to shape a stunning (and welcoming) space.

How do you recommend selecting the right piece of furniture for your entryway? Any tips for choosing the right anchor for that area?

I recommend a low-profile credenza or a console table if you would like to store anything away. Make sure it fits the wall of your entryway—take measurements before purchasing!

Do you recommend choosing one singular piece of art as the focus? Or do you recommend creating a gallery wall or something more complex in that space?

If you choose to go with a console, creating a gallery wall above it would be great; just make sure your pieces don’t extend the width of your furniture. If you choose a credenza you will be more likely to style that with books and accessories, so a singular piece of art or a mirror would be all you need to make sure it won’t be too busy.

You mentioned mixing different types of accessories and various shapes. How would you incorporate unusual pieces into the mix? How do you pair practical pieces and decorative ones?

Have at least one piece dedicated to the storage of small personal belonging like keys and wallets. This could be a decorative bowl, box, or some sort or tray. The rest should be decorative—I suggest books, sculptural pieces like vases, or lamps to bring depth into your styling.

Speaking of balance, how do you try to blend materials together in an entryway? Any must-dos (or don’ts)?

Don’t just do books or just do a bowl. A nice blend of pieces will keep the styling dynamic and versatile.

Do you have any favorite sources (IRL or online) for finding chic artwork or coffee table books?

MoMA Design Store for books or artistic products and artspace.com for a plethora of art pieces.

What do you recommend for entryways that don’t have space for a larger piece of furniture?

A clean Lucite console table with some fresh flowers, a bowl or tray for storage, a couple books, and a candle would work well for in a smaller space.

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