A Designer’s Cheery Oakland Nursery

A Designer’s Cheery Oakland Nursery

A Designer’s Cheery Oakland Nursery


Susie Novak, Homepolish designer


When Homepolish designer Susie Novak found out she was having a baby girl, she was over the moon. Follow along with her as she showed how she transformed a spare room into a cute nursery.

Photos by Helynn Ospina.

Pregnancy for me was not all bliss and glow… it was more like “my back hurts,” “I’m tired but I can’t sleep,” “I’ve been nauseous for days”… I was afraid of sounding like one of those crazy old people that can’t hear but keeps talking about their aches and pains anytime someone asked how I was doing. But then I found out I was having a baby girl, and I was over the moon! I began the process of designing the nursery at that point and it turned out to be the perfect distraction from pregnancy. It was like retail therapy on a bad day at work – the BEST!

I began researching baby and kid everything… stories, interiors, nursery rhymes, book illustrators. It was crazy fun! I knew I did not want the space to feel overtly gender-specific but wanted something playful, somewhere an imagination could be free to break loose.

White walls were a deliberate choice as I wanted to bring in the pops of color with accessories, like toys, art, and books. In order to add dimension to the space, and keep it whimsical, I brought in pattern with the rug, added a Moroccan pouf, and painted the dresser. Pro tip: the dresser was actually an IKEA find, and I painted the drawer fronts different colors. I also switched out the knobs and legs to give the piece a more custom feel. I love it, because it has all these different drawer sizes that are visually interesting but also great for little socks and stuff. (Plus, it looks like a special find, not a big box purchase.) Overall, it was such a great process. The best part though? Bringing a new baby home and welcoming her to her beautiful new room.

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